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Leonardo da Vinci’s Mechanical Inventions


The mechanical inventions and advances created by Leonardo da Vinci are astounding. He created the first spring driven clock, the first robot and the first self powered vehicle among many other things.

Some of these inventions were taken into industry immediately, such as the bobbin winder, others, like his notes showing the self powering car, were lost until 1901. Others were less groundbreaking but impressive nonetheless – complex gear systems, the first constantly variable transmission and a lens/mirror grinding machine.

There are only a handful of people that have made such a contribution to the advances of mechanics and mechanical engineering. He made such an impact on this field that i think in time he will also be seen as one of the greatest mechanical engineers of all time.

From this page you can navigate to the various mechanical devices he created –

The Ball Bearing

Perpetual Motion Machines

The Mirror Grinding Machine

Leonardo’s Car/Automobile