Leonardo da Vinci paintings, leonardo da vinci drawings, leonardo da vinci artworks, leonardo da vinci famous paintings, leonardo davinci invention “Study the Art of Science, study the Science of Art. Develop your senses, especially learn how to see, realize that everything connects to everything else” – Leonardo da Vinci


Leonardo da VinciLeonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was an Italian polymath and one of the most influential artists in history. He left an important legacy not only in the arts but also in the sciences, each discipline influencing his mastery of the other. While he is considered one of the greatest Renaissance painters of all time (the Mona Lisa and Last Supper), his creativity has largely been forgotten and his inventions received little recognition at the time but were later recognized by the public. From here, you will perceives about Leonardo da Vinci and what did Leonardo da Vinci invent and discover. Leonardo da Vinci famous inventions were originated from the Codex Atlanticus, the largest single collection of da Vinci paintings and writings (in Italian), comprising 1,119 paper leaves (2,238 pages).

Leonardo da Vinci Inventions

Ball bearing  is the best known Leonardo davinci invention. This invention alone basically enables our modern ciLeonardo da Vinci inventor, what did leonardo da vinci invent, leonardo da vinci inventions, leonardo da vinci paingings, leonardo da vinci drawings, leonardo da vinci artworksvilization to function. Ball bearings can be found in your smartphone, laptop, car, airplane, and more. Without this invention, industrial machines would grind to a halt, global power systems would shut down, and water would stop flowing into our homes. He incorporated ball bearings into his helicopter design – by reducing friction by orders of magnitude, it was easier to turn the large screw on top. According to a literature, Philip Vaughan invented the ball bearing in 1794, 294 years after Leonardo’s design. Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions were so advanced that they weren’t reinvented until 400 or even nearly 500 years later. What did Leonardo da Vinci invent are follows:

  • By the late 14th century, he had preliminary designs for tanks – similar designs were not seen on the battlefields of World War I until the early 20th century. These designs are also inferior to Leonardo’s in some respects, see the tanks page for more information.
  • Leonardo da Vinci inventions drawings of helicopter are said to have inspired Igor Sikorsky to invent the modern helicopter, as well as the propellers found on almost all ships. Learn more on the helicopter page.

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  • He drew the first exploded view of machine – essential to modern engineering practice, because it is nearly impossible to imagine a modern machine without this visual aid. Right is the first exploded view where you can see a deconstructed view of a machine, one of the most important moments in the practice of mechanical drawing.


  • Leonardo da Vinci scuba gear – He outlined a diving gear that has proven itself in recent tests (Jacques Cousteau invented modern diving equipment in 1943). The image right shows a model created from his drawings.


  • Da Vinci developed autonomous robots for wealthy customers. Such a machine could be classified as the first mechanically driven vehicle in history, as well as the first programmable machine – it could be programmed to go a specified distance, stop, turn left and travel a specified distance, then stop and then again turn and so on.

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  • Leonardo designed the first continuously variable transmission system. This gear system has still not been put into widespread use due to its complexity. A bicycle company has recently incorporated Leonardo’s design into their machines, their aim is to replace the current gear and chain system.


Leonardo da Vinci Scientist

Our goal is to highlight the Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions and place him on another pedestal that he deserves – among the greatest inventors and scientists of all time. When all his works are in one room – his art, cartography, anatomy, engineering and scientific research – we are left with one of the greatest compendiums of human knowledge ever created, all by a single created by a seemingly superhuman mind. Leonardo had always planned to use all his notes, observations and inventions to write a big book.

However, he died before it was all done. When he died in France in 1519, he left his notes to his student Francesco Melzi. He took care of the notes for a while, but soon discovered that he could make a fortune selling old masters’ notes and notebooks – Leonardo was already very famous during his lifetime, which would have made him decide to sell his notes with serious consequences for Leonardo’s legacy and for human civilization as a whole.

These notebooks contain anatomical discoveries that have the potential to save millions of lives, as well as ideas and concepts that propel humanity into the distant future.

  • leonardo da vinci inventions, leonardo da vinci flying machine, leonardo da vinciOne of the Leonardo da Vinci discoveries is the first complete map of the human anatomy, from the vascular system to the muscular and nervous system. Although some of his conclusions about the human body were not fit, his mastery of art meant that his paintings remained the most accurate anatomical drawings for over 200 years. Take a look at the details in the right two images, one is the skeletal structure and the other is the muscular system.
  • While researching the feasibility of perpetual motion, he discovered Isaac Newton’s third law of motion – 200 years before Newton, I think we should rename it – Leonardo’s first law of motion. Learn more on the perpetual motion machine page.
  • leonardo da vinci’s tank inventionCharles Darwin is generally accredited to having discovered the theory of evolution, however, due to his vast understanding of human and animal anatomy, Leonardo da Vinci did not think that this was even required to debate, 350 years before Charles Darwin, he simply wrote   – “Man. The description of man, which includes that of such creatures as are almost of the same species, as Apes, Monkeys and the like, which are many”. Right, we have added two of Leonardo’s images together to show them side by side, one is a human foot (right), the other is a bear foot (left). Do you think the similarities between these two feet would have escaped Leonardo’s razor sharp reasoning abilities? We think not! It most definitely would have begun his mind racing.


Leonardo da Vinci Paintings

Living in a golden age of creativity for contemporaries like Raphael and Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci contributed his unique genius to almost everything he touched. Today, there seems to be no name more emblematic of the Renaissance than Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci paintings became an integral part of his legacy. He painted extensively, planned inventions, studied human anatomy, and blocked plans for paintings his only surviving fresco, The Last Supper.

leonardo da vinci inventor, leonardo da vinci facts, leonardo da vinci famous paintings, leonardo da vinci inventionsHis innovative breakthroughs in artistic standards will guide future generations of artists. Although Leonardo painted religious scenes common to his time, such as the Salvator Mundi and the Baptism of Christ, his unique positioning of key figures, unique technique, and refinement of perspective were previously unheard of. The way he isolates Christ at the center of the scene in The Last Supper, making each apostle a separate entity while simultaneously uniting them all, is a feat of genius that later artists have longed to replicate.


Leonardo da Vinci mona lisa, original mona lisa painting, mona lisa painting price, leonardo da vinci inventionsTo this day, the iconic Mona Lisa is one of the greatest Leonardo da Vinci artworks ever made by art lovers around the world. Her image continued to appear on everything and everywhere, with a popularity that did not detract from the importance of masterpieces but immortalized Leonardo da vinci drawings. They remain at the center of people’s hearts in the centuries after his death.