Leonardo Inventions Still Used Today

How did Leonardo da Vinci impact the world today? There are many inventions by Leonardo da Vinci still used today. Unfortunately, the VAST majority of Leonardo’s inventions passed through history unknown and had to be re-invented by someone else, the reason for this is because Leonardo never published many of his notes and they remained unseen for several hundred years.

However, he can still be regarded as the original inventor of many things. What did Leonardo da Vinci invent that we use today, and why is Leonardo da Vinci important today –

  • The ball bearing – Leonardo da Vinci famous inventions were used in almost every the moving machine, from laser printers to the 747, modern society would not function without the ball bearing.
  • the parachute – Leonardo’s parachute, one of the Leonardo da Vinci most famous inventions, was drawn 300 years before the first parachute was ever used, it was tested in 2005 and found to work.
  • the mirror grinding the machine – this is one of the Leonardo da Vinci best inventions and is still used by amateur telescope makers
  • the da Vinci scissors – did Leonardo da Vinci invented scissors? No comment is necessary about Leonardo DaVinci scissors :).
  • portable bridges – still used by the military.
  • the bucket-wheel excavator – is still used in coal mines all over the world.
  • the canal lock – is used on thousands of canals all over the world.
  • the odometer – although Leonardo’s odometer was crude, it still measured distance accurately, it helped him to draw his maps with precision, odometers are found on almost every modern form of transport.
  • the spring drive – Leonardo invented the first spring-driven mechanism. Spring-driven mechanisms nowadays have been downgraded to that of toys as they cannot produce prolonged power production.
  • the anemometer – da Vinci anemometer is still used by meteorologists and many others for measuring wind speed and direction.
  • the double hull for ships – this was basically a hull inside a hull, if one was punctured the ship could still stay afloat, still used by the military and larger seafaring ships. If the Titanic of 1912 had had Leonardo’s invention from 400 years earlier, it would still be afloat.
  • robots – Leonardo invented the first robot in history,  this is the reason why many robotic companies use his “Vitruvian Man” as their company logos.
  • the rack and pinion gear system – this is still used on almost every car ever built. The rack and pinion gear system converts the rotary motion of the steering wheel to turn the car’s wheels left and right.
  • constantly variable transmission – Leonardo’s design for the constantly variable transmission was the first of its type. Nothing similar would be seen until a patent was filed by Daimler and Benz in 1888!!! He can however be seen as the original inventor of this machine.