Da Vinci Landing Gear


Da Vinci landing gear is not very well known that he invented the world’s first landing gear system for an aircraft. Obviously while he was designing and contemplating his flying machines he realized the simple rule – “what goes up, must come down”.

What he came up with as a way to safely land back on solid earth is quite extraordinary – retractable landing gear.

Take note of the image below, it is taken from a sketch of his regarding the Ornithopter (human-powered flying machine). On top, you can see the mechanics of how a human could create the flapping motion similar to birds.


Da Vinci Landing Gear

Leonardo da Vinci’s landing gear


But, look closely at the bottom, davinci gears, you can make out the retractable landing gear –

Da Vinci Landing Gear

Close up of the Leonardo da Vinci’s landing gear


Now, you can see the mechanics of the da Vinci gears more closely – who invented gears. It shows how the whole mechanism could be allowed to drop under its weight, or retracted by the simple pull of a string.