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Leonardo Da Vinci’s Self supporting bridge

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Self supporting bridge



leonardo's self supporting bridge

leonardo’s self supporting bridge


Leonardo designed this bridge while he was under the patronage of Cesare Borgia. Borgia employed Leonardo as his military engineer, in turn, Leonardo would design and build magnificent machines of war. One such machine was this bridge. Its simplicity and genius cannot be underestimated. It requires no specific skills to manufacture the parts, apart from a few men that are handy with an axe. It requires no nails or ropes to hold it together – the bridge is self-supporting.

When you purchase this model, it is ideal for testing your friends when you meet up, simply hand them the parts of the bridge in a stack as shown in the image below, and ask them to make a bridge out of it, this test has a 95% fail rate.

leonardo's self supporting bridge unassembled

leonardo’s self supporting bridge unassembled

The video below shows the bridges mechanics and also how simple it is to assemble when you know how¬† –


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