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Leonardo Da Vinci’s Self supporting bridge

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Self supporting bridge



leonardo da vinci self supporting bridge 1

Please note, we have updated the Self Supporting Bridge Kit to the image shown above.

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Leonardo designed this bridge while he was under the patronage of Cesare Borgia. Borgia employed Leonardo as his military engineer, in turn, Leonardo would design and build magnificent machines of war. One such machine was this bridge. Its simplicity and genius cannot be underestimated. It requires no specific skills to manufacture the parts, apart from a few men that are handy with an Axe ,It can also be carried by a handful of men into any battlefield. It requires no nails or ropes to hold it together – the bridge is self-supporting and would be capable of holding a substantial amount of weight.  Our miniature model of this bridge can easily hold half a liter of water, it’s full scale version would support hundreds of troops and their weaponry passing over.

Although this bridge is extremely simple in it’s design, as with all of Leonardo’s machines it can be quite difficult to assemble correctly by simply looking at the parts –

leonardo da vinci self supporting bridge 2


The kit consists of 21 parts in total – 7 crossbeam and 14 braces for the main structure of this bridge. When built, the bridge is almost 12 inches/ 300 millimeters long. You can purchase this kit from the drop-down menu below for just 20US$, we also offer Free worldwide postage. Please note that there are special prices for buying multiple products such as Leonardo’s Helicopter & Perpetual Motion Machines.

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The video below shows the bridges mechanics and also how simple it is to assemble when you know how  –


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