Model Of Leonardo’s Glider

Here at we have created a hanging model of Leonardo’s Glider. This model is a combination of all of Leonardo’s attempts to build a flying machine blended into one beautiful decorative piece. The model is just under two feet wide and casts beautiful shadows when hung (safely) below a light source and is available for an unbelievable low price of just 33USD/24 Euro, click on any of the images to order your own model of Leonardo’s Glider.

Hanging Model of Leonardo's glider

Hanging Model of Leonardo’s glider

We took the main inspiration for the model from his drawings of the Kite wing –

leonardos glider sketch

The wing can  be seen in the upper left portion of the drawing. We “traced” over the original drawing in order to get the two dimensional profile of the model. From that, we used some of Leonardo’s other drawings to create the full 3d profile of the model, taking aerodynamics into account also. All you need is 3 lengths of string to hang this piece from anywhere within your home or workplace –

glider - original drawing

Leonardo's Glider Model from rear

Leonardo’s Glider from rear



Leonardo's Glider from the side

Model of Leonardo’s glider from the side