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Modern day Leonardo da Vinci

Modern day Leonardo da Vinci

modern day leonardo da vinci

modern day leonardo da vinci



Is there a modern day Leonardo da Vinci? I personally don’t think so, and if you have read the pages on this website i think you will agree with me. The scope and depths of his abilities and interests were beyond any human that had ever existed and any human that has existed since his time.

However, there is a problem here – the only difference between Leonardo da Vinci and most other humans is a very small one. He was born slightly more intelligent than the rest of us yes, that’s fair enough, in a similar way that Usain Bolt was born slightly faster than the rest of us, but the main difference has nothing to do with his intelligence – he had an unimaginable amount of determination to learn and understand everything around him, in my opinion he had more determination to learn than any other person that has ever lived –

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do” – Leonardo da Vinci

Can you imagine devoting every waking hour of your life to something, whether it be Art, Engineering or Medicine? Within a couple of years you would be very proficient at whatever field you chose and within ten years you would be among the leading voices for that profession. Leonardo chose several fields: Art, Engineering, Medicine, Science & Anatomy and excelled in all of them. During his lifetime he could have been considered the leading authority in all of these fields. So what is my point?

You are the modern day Leonardo da Vinci

Yes my friends, you could be the modern day Leonardo a Vinci. The only thing stopping you is the immense determination Leonardo had. As i have said previously it is obvious that he was born way smarter than average, but way smarter than average people are born every day of the week!!! In fact, every single human being has THE MOST SOPHISTICATED central processing unit in the whole universe (as far as we know – there could be some pretty clever aliens out there somewhere) sitting on their shoulders – the human brain. Unfortunately it is usually left idle, an immensely powerful computer that is almost never used to its full potential, maybe apart from during REM sleep when it is creating 360 degree,4 dimensional animations in real time, with surround sound and graphics so real that a modern day animator would sell his mother for, imagine what you could do with such a tool at your disposal –  you could become the modern day Leonardo da Vinci :).


How do you become the modern day Leonardo da Vinci?

It is estimated that to become a leading authority in any subject/field of expertise is takes approximately 10,000 hours of work and study. If you break these numbers down to a daily routine that would mean 3 hours work per day for 10 years or 6 hours work per day for 5 years. So, if you start RIGHT NOW, within 5 years you could be a worldwide authority in your chosen field. If you are a young person, say between 14 – 20, you could set yourself up for life, you could be self employed and have your own home within 5 years, how cool would that be? If you are an older person, don’t use that as an excuse, as the original Leonardo da Vinci says –


“Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation… even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind”
Leonardo da Vinci

 A modern day Leonardo da Vinci would be similar to the character Tony Stark in Iron Man, in fact one of the reporters puts this to him when she asks –


“you’ve been called a modern day da Vinci, what do you say to that?”

to which Stark Replies

“That’s ridiculous, i don’t paint” :).

Everyone has different interests and only you know them, however, this page is called “Modern day Leonardo da Vinci”, so, below i will give you the tools you would need to become a modern day Leonardo (all of which he would have loved). With a decent understanding of the four tools i’m going to show you below you could become a modern day Leonardo, inventing new machines, designing things that are beyond anything that currently exists and etching your name in the annals of history –

The Internet

A compendium of all current human knowledge, if there’s anything you don’t know, this is where you learn how it currently works and using your imagination, how to make it better. Inventing is pretty simple, lets take the animation below as an example –

This animation shows how a four stroke engine works in a fair amount of detail (this is my video, subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more cool stuff every week :). As you can see, a four stroke engine is a fairly simple machine that operates on some straightforward mechanical laws and some of the most basic of the laws of physics, if you were to study EVERYTHING about engines for the aforementioned 10,000 hours you would undoubtedly be capable of improving the current engine and most likely drastically improving efficiency, wear and tear, engine life etc etc. You would have your name on a new type of engine because you are – the modern day Leonardo da Vinci.

Your next step to becoming Leonardo is designing your new invention. AutoCAD is a software program that allow you to design almost anything the human brain can imagine, in fact, this software is so powerful it is only limited by the imagination of its user. It can create fully rendered 3d models of anything you draw, Leonardo would have loved this for drawing his mechanical inventions


A CNC machine

Once you have designed your new invention using AutoCad you now need a way to actually create a physical product, this is where a CNC machine comes in. A cnc machine essentially creates anything that you have drawn in AutoCAD and places it directly in front of your eyes, again, Leonardo would not have believed his eyes, imagine what he could have created with such a tool.

For those of you who are more interested in Art than Science or Engineering, you can begin your journey in the fields of design, animation, digital art and basically anything else your imagination can come up with by availing of the 30 day free trial of this top of the range software which has been used to create Shrek, Assassins Creed, Up, Toy Story and many other games and modern animated classics  – 30 day free trial.

So, that’s is it folks, what’s stopping you? :)